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Lorraine Williams ist eim Mitglied des Wiradjuri Stammes.

Wiradjuri bedeutet in der Aboriginal Sprache soviel wie "Der Stamm der drei Flüsse". Diese Flüsse sind der Macquarie (Bekannt als Wambool), der Lachlan (Bekannt als Galiyarr)und der Murrumbidgee.

Lorraine kommt aus Narrandera, einem Dorf am Ufer des Murrumbigdee.

Charakteristisch für die traditionellen Techniken sind die Darstellungen der Tiere wie in einer Röntgendarstellung, das bedeutet dass man in der Arbeit stilisiert, die Organe der Tiere erahnen kann.


Lorraine beschreibt sich selbst (Auszug aus einer E-Mail):


I was born in Narranderra NSW and moved to Albury when I was just 19. I’ve been living here for 9 ½ years. I began to learn to paint 8 years ago when my uncle taught me. He showed me ways to paint but I had to use my own style. I like to use bright colours as they express how I feel and the way I see things.


My ancestral group is Wiradjuri which is a pretty big tribe, and my totem is the goanna.


My family is pretty big too and it is close, we all look after each other.


I didn’t go to TAFE to learn to paint I just listened to my uncle and learned. I then picked up a brush and started to paint. It took a while to get it right but I finally got there. I love painting, it relaxes me and gives me time out. I like creating new colours and ways to paint. I like to hand down my skills to young children and give them something to do. I go to the schools and show them techniques and they enjoy that; it makes me feel really good about myself and i can show other people the culture of my tribe.


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